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Mariat Jibril

IMADE - Whispers of Hope

At Royal Diadem Media, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive publishing solutions. Recently, we had the pleasure of assisting Mariat Jibril in bringing her vision to life with her latest book – IMADE – Whispers of Hope. 

Design & Development

Our journey began with a deep dive into understanding Mariat’s unique vision for the book cover. Collaborating closely, our talented design team crafted a cover that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the book, ensuring it stands out in both digital and physical formats.


Once the design was finalized, our production team took over. We managed the entire printing process, ensuring the highest quality standards were met. From selecting the right paper to overseeing the print run, every detail was meticulously handled to produce a professional and polished final product.

Publishing on Amazon & Kindle

To maximize the book’s reach, we guided Mariat through the publishing process on Amazon. We handled the technicalities of formatting the book for both print and Kindle editions, optimizing it for a seamless reading experience. Additionally, we managed the upload and listing process, making sure the book was available to a global audience in no time.


Thanks to our comprehensive service, Mariat Jibril successfully launched her book, which is now available to readers worldwide. The striking cover design, high-quality print, and accessible digital format have all contributed to the book’s positive reception and sales performance

At Royal Diadem Media Company, we transform authors’ dreams into reality. Whether it’s cover design, printing, or digital publishing, our end-to-end solutions ensure a smooth and successful book launch.

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